Monday, September 29, 2008

Portrait of an Angel of Darkness

A portrait of Vidia. White back drop and single light source [hot light]. Taken Monday, September 22.

The first project of the class, portraits. And we practically were rushed with only 6 shots per person, so I'm nowhere near proud or happy with this shot. While I approve of it, I wish we had more time and less pressure to get it done. Vidia was a fantastic model, she improvised the poses herself since I couldn't come up with anything. 
The actual print is maybe a little too light for my taste, especially on the left. Some help with the lighting might be needed if I wanted to reshoot.
Overall, the experience wasn't one I'd want to reminisce about. A shoot done on my own time or without people waiting behind me would be ideal. I think the main problem was the group thing, since all the waiting drained ideas and the like.