Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Minor White

Minor White. That's such a weird name. Is it like...fake name or something?

Snow on Garage Door, Rochester, New York

Describe: A door with a window, covered in snow. The snow is also stuck to the wood and the glass on the window.

Analyze: The photo is centered, with the window being in the middle. It's almost symmetrical. The snow has an up right slant, but that isn't something that can be adjusted. The image is black and white, with whites, grays and blacks. The gray almost feels a little overwhelming because the photo doesn't have a lot of color variety.

Interpret: GAWD I hate interpreting art. Because you never know what the artist is thinking, and sometimes they have nothing in mind.
But if I had to guess what the artist is saying...actually. I don't know. I have no idea. The image is almost too simple to assume anything. Maybe it's withstanding hardships, the door being a person, and the snow is life's attack.

Judge: I like the simplicity of the photo, the snow sticking to the wall and the window pleases me. Especially since there isn't snow here, I enjoy looking at it. However, if I were to change it, I'd probably kick up the contrast, to make it stand out more.

I've never liked critiquing work. Especially other peoples.


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