Monday, March 2, 2009

Principles of Design

Page layout consisting of the principles of design. These photos were not taken specifically for this assignment, but were selected and pulled down from my art page with the project in mind.
I enjoyed this project because it gave me an excuse to use photos of my dolls since I don't take pictures of them as often anymore [poor outdoor lighting mostly, and one needs a new face-up].
Since the principles were just principles and fairly broad, it left me a wide range to choose pictures from. Actual layout was easy enough to achieve only because of the set up the pictures, as a majority of them were vertical, it just seemed right to keep them in the middle all next to each other. It just fit better.
On a slightly off topic note, the pictures chosen were a crop of my favorite pictures too. Especially the one chosen for texture. I almost used it for color, until I found the bright pink photo. Second fave goes to direction, because he's not centered and even though he's not real, there's still this dark and solemn mood to it. If the image was horizontal, full body or not, it wouldn't have the same effect. The principles of design do mean something after all. Ha.


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