Monday, June 1, 2009

My Choice photoshoot "Hanging Around"

I like free choice photoshoots.
Two of my dolls don't have heads because they're being repainted, and with their bodies lying around, it was kind of weird. I wanted to do a shoot making use of their bodies, because even without their heads, I still love my dolls. For this shoot, I tried to make it sort of morbid, with bodies and hands hanging from a line. I decided not to play to scale, wanting them to be what they were, dolls. Vestige, being my only complete doll at the moment, got to be star of the shoot once more. Even though he's not a real person, I wanted to play on the thought of toys and inanimate objects having a soul. So here, Vestige, a doll is frightened by the sight of the basically dismembered dolls, not wanting to be next.

And two extra shots, for fun.


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