Friday, January 9, 2009

random edits

All photos of me are taken by Megan Ochoa.

I cheated. Used Pic-Nik instead of photoshop on the bottom left image. Yeah, took the easy way out. Oh well. "*crown* Captivating" seems to be my trademark logo, and now I'm starting to use "KeyRey." I blame "Johnny-Yong." Anyway, used grain effects and contrast adjustments. Nothing too special here.

Photoshop on the top right. Two layers, not including text. Upped the contrast, darkened the shadows using the burn tool, and highlighted with the dodge tool. More simple stuff. The back layer is a copy of the front, only bigger. Used gaussin blur to make it, well, blurry.

Three layers, two are the same with slight adjustments. Kicked up the light, contrast and levels on the background. Then blurred the top 2/3's and sharpened the bottom. Then desaturated the image a little and adjusted the hue to a slightly blueish color. Used blur to make it look a little misty, then darkened the layer. Used dodge and burn tool on myself for highlights and shadows. The fairy is a lens flare filter.
Oh, and the original forest image for reference: Click Here Please

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